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Swivel & Swivel Eye Grips

For Models & Load Specifications See
Pages 40 & 41 of Lewis 2015 Master Catalog


BulletModel SEG - Swivel Eye Grips

Swivel and Swivel Eye Wire Mesh Pulling Grips

The SEG Series are available with hardened steel rotating eyes. The eyes are durable, compact, and streamlined and will thread through blocks and sheaves without binding. The rotating eye is not a ball bearing swivel and will not turn while under tension. It will turn to relieve pulling torque when the pulling tension is released. If a continual swivel movement is needed, a ball bearing swivel should be used. Reference swivel usages per following:

  1. HD Series for overhead and high tension underground.

  2. W Series for standard underground pulling.

  3. HD-S Series when high tension environment is anticipated, coupled with a need for a sealed swivel such as in directional boring applications.

The SEG series can be customized to meet customer specifications. We offer the following options:

  1. Special mesh lengths. When a customer would like a different mesh length than the one specified on the SEG chart.

  2. Mesh available in two types of wire for varying applications and environments:

    • Galvanized (standard)

    • Stainless (316)

All inquiries on custom made grips
are given our prompt attention.
BulletModel S-DW Swivel Grips

Swivel and Swivel Eye Wire Mesh Pulling Grips

The S-DW series is a good option for pulling underground Primary or Secondary cables. The mesh is shorter and more flexible than the standard SEG series. These qualities are well suited for the demands of underground cable installation. The S-DW series is constructed of high grade galvanized cable that provides the user with a long wearing grip that is easy to load and unload. The swivel on this series turns only when pressure is released.

Ordering Diagram

Swivel and Swivel Eye Wire Mesh Pulling Grips Ordering Diagram

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